Value-Added Solutions

Maksteel is happy to offer value-added solutions such as annealing, shearing and tension leveling in addition to its chief capabilities such as slitting, blanking and steel pickling.  Below is information on these processes.  Please reach out to us with questions or to schedule your next coil for our value-added services!

The process of annealing is a type of heat treatment that alters the physical properties of metals.  Annealing helps to increase the ductility of metal and reduce its hardness making the material easier to work.  Therefore, this increases its machinability or remove residual stresses that can occur in the steel.

Shearing is a metal fabricating process used to cut straight lines on flat metal stock.  During the shearing process, an upper blade and a lower blade are forced past each other with the space between them determined by a required offset.

Tension Leveling
A process of pulling a strip of metal beyond its yield point to permanently change the shape of the strip to make it flat.  In fact, if you have an edge wave, the concept is to stretch the shorter fibers in the center of the strip so that they will match up in length with the center buckle.  If the strip is consistent in length across the width of the strip, you have created flat steel.  The tension leveling process is a combination of elongating the strip and bending the fibers over a series of work rolls.  Therefore, it eliminates edge waves and center buckles as well as corrects excessive crossbow and coil set.

Other Processing Capabilities
The UPG family of brands offers best-in-class processing capabilities. Learn more.