Transportation Options
The Maksteel fleet consists of approximately 150 steel-hauling trucks and trailers with customizable delivery options to meet your needs.  We also offer same day pickup to guarantee customers receive their product at the exact moment items are needed.  In addition, we offer barge and rail access at select facilities, giving our customers multiple logistical options.

    • Our Reach
      With several facilities across North America, along with the expanded reach of our strategic partners, we are effectively positioned to meet our customers’ needs across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  We can also move metal overseas via shipping containers to multiple countries, including Europe and China.
    • Our Fleet
      Our fleet of trucks consists of a variety of straight flatbeds and flatbeds with side kits to hold a wide array of metals.  We are consistently expanding our fleet to include new trucks with the latest technology.

JIT Deliveries
JIT, or Just in Time, is a service that delivers your product when you need it.  A distributor carries the agreed-upon inventory and then delivers to the customer the day — and sometimes the minute — they require it.  JIT deliveries ensure a customer is only carrying the material they need.

Throughout Maksteel’s breadth of campuses across North America, storage space is offered to accommodate our customers’ needs.  Both indoor and outdoor storage is available.