Steel Slitting

What is Steel Slitting?
Steel slitting is the process of cutting full-sized coils into smaller widths.  This occurs when smaller pieces are required for specific applications.  Slit steel coils can be used in a wide variety of essential industries, which includes the production of steel tube and stampings.

Maksteel Services
Maksteel is proud to provide its customer base with slitting services.  In fact, we offer this service at multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada, ensuring our footprint is all over the map.  However, slitting is just one of the services we offer.  Our robust list of services also includes blanking, steel pickling, and value-added solutions, which includes annealing and shearing.

Downloaded Maksteel’s Capabilities
We believe in transparency.  As a matter of fact, we provide full slitting capabilities and specifications across our facilities across North America.  Please download your copy of our capabilities chart today!

Customer service is our top priority.  As such, if you have any questions about our steel slitting services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts!

Other Processing Capabilities
As Maksteel is a proud member of the UPG family of brands, you receive access to a wide array of other steel and metals products and capabilities.  Learn more.