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With 15 full slitting lines across our five locations, Maksteel provides a full range of slitting capabilities from light to heavy gauge, (0.006" to 0.600"). Our equipment also can accommodate coil widths up to 74".


We are proud owners of cut-to-length and multi-blanking lines that offer a variety of services to our customers.

Inventory Management

Our custom inventory management system tracks lead times, inventory levels, and enables us to schedule and ship materials on time.


Our fleet consists of over 100 steel hauling trailers, with customizable delivery options to meet your needs. We also offer same day pick up to guarantee customers receive their product at the exact moment items are needed.

MAKSTEEL offers quick turnarounds when you need material fast. From 5 tons to 500 tons, hot rolled to exposed coated products, we manage a large inventory to cover the needs of our customers. Simply contact us with your requirements, and we will get a quote back to you promptly.

Metallurgical Laboratory Testing

Maksteel has a full-service quality department with access to a complete array of metallurgical testing services which include metallographic analysis, chemistry, mechanical, tensile, and hardness testing.

Our Staff Metallurgists and our Technical Team are available to handle any customer inquiries as it relates to materials and new product development.


Maksteel is proud to keep all of our locations up-to-date in our certifications. Each and every one of our locations is currently certified up to the 9001:2015 standard.


Our Reach

With facilities across Canada, Michigan, Tennessee and Illinois, along with the expanded reach of our strategic partners, we are effectively positioned to meet our customers’ needs across North America.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of trucks consists of a variety of straight flatbeds and flatbeds with side kits to hold a wide array of metals. We are consistently expanding our fleet to include new trucks with the latest technology.


Custom Inventory Management System

Allows us to track lead times, inventory levels, and enables us to schedule and ship materials to our customers on time.

Emergency Shipments

We are able to accommodate almost any emergency orders due to our expansive inventory, flexible scheduling, and our robust transportation fleet.

Fully EDI (electronic data interchange) Capable

We use standard electronic format for the exchange of business documents allowing for accurate and real time communications.

Custom Solutions

We are able to fully integrate with our supply chain partners to ensure the greatest efficiency within the supply chain process.


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Products & Services

Since 1970, Maksteel has taken pride in being a World Class Steel Service Center.


Quality is a key aspect of servicing our customers effectively.


Maksteel can provide your steel needs throughout North America.

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MAKSTEEL is a UPG Enterprises LLC company, 1400 16th Street, Suite 250, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523