Inventory Management

Our Custom Inventory Management System tracks lead times, inventory levels and enables us to schedule and ship materials on time. Maksteel's stocking program enables us to purchase and stock material for any length of contract, giving our customers peace of mind. We are able to accommodate almost any emergency shipment due to our expansive inventory, flexible scheduling and our transportation fleet.

Our information systems and agile development process allow for a great degree of flexibility. We are fully EDI (electronic data interchange) capable of allowing for accurate and real time communications. Our Inventory Management System is able to be integrated fully with our supply chain partners. We can also handle the most rigorous barcode and packaging needs. We also can provide custom solutions to our strategic partners to ensure the greatest efficiency with the supply chain process.


Maksteel processes and supplies a vast range of material types and grades to numerous industries throughout North America.

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Maksteel owns, operates and maintains its own fleet consisting of over 100 steel hauling trailers. Our customer focused planning, processing and logistical staff together with our team of drivers allow us to meet our commitment to 100% on time delivery as well as being able to accommodate rush orders.