From the very start quality has been a key aspect of servicing our customers effectively. Our quality system is based on a firm foundation of disciplined principles that represent best in class quality practices at all levels of the organization. Our priority is to supply our customers with exceptional service, high quality materials and on time delivery at a standard which exceeds their expectations. Our commitment to quality combined with our commitment to purchasing steel from only "world class" steel mills ensures our customers receive the industry's highest quality steel.

Metallurgical Laboratory Testing

Maksteel has a full-service quality department with access to a complete array of metallurgical testing services which include metallographic analysis, chemistry, mechanical, tensile, and hardness testing. Our Staff Metallurgist and our Technical Team are available to handle any customer inquiries as it relates to materials and new product development.


Maksteel operates under an Environmental Management System structured using the guidelines of the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001. Maksteel is a company committed to the protection of the environment. This goal will be ensured through the provision of framework for the annual setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets. Maksteel will strive to meet or exceed all legislated environmental standards as well as those environmental standards set by industry and the community that apply to our business. Maksteel is determined to be an environmental leader in the industry through strong commitment to continual improvement, focusing on prevention of pollution and striving to be an environmentally responsible company. Our commitment to improving the environment is embraced by the entire organization at all levels. Maksteel is committed to providing the necessary support and resources to ensure that all employees, persons working for or on behalf of Maksteel are involved in the effort to help achieve the objectives of our environmental policy.



Maksteel processes and supplies a vast range of material types and grades to numerous industries throughout North America.

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Maksteel owns, operates and maintains its own fleet consisting of over 80 steel hauling trailers. Our customer focused planning, processing and logistical staff together with our team of drivers allow us to meet our commitment to 100% on time delivery as well as being able to accommodate rush orders.